What is SoLoMo?

What is SoLoMo?

SoLoMo, an acronym for Social-Local-Mobile. Social, local and mobile media; it represents a single point of meeting. Particularly applicable to the use of smartphones, tablets and other mobile computers.

For traditional marketers, SoLoMo is a completely radical change: instead of sending messages to users through TV ads, radio or online ads, messages are delivered as a result of the user’s location and activities on social networks.

As with many trends, there are also bilateral opinions about SoLoMo:

For someone who supports SoLoMo, SoLoMo represents the development of mobile devices and applications. It was working on old generation applications, websites or PC-based applications. The idea behind SoLoMo is that applications are designed to take full advantage of mobile devices. The best examples of this are social gibi check-in in services such as Foursquare Bun

The theory behind SoLoMo can be summarized as follows: When mobile applications are built to integrate geo-targeting with social networks, marketers can achieve much higher interaction rates using these features.

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