Can’t Sell from E-Commerce Site?


Can’t Sell from E-Commerce Site?

You have opened an e-commerce site and everything looks fine. However, no matter how long you know, you cannot achieve the goals you expect in sales. What are the reasons why you can’t sell?

In this article, we have examined the points you may have missed.

1- If the purchase is not easy
The easiest way to detect missing site is to constantly check your analytics data. If users throw the products in the basket but cannot complete the purchase, they are experiencing an obstacle to completing the transaction. An error encountered during the checkout process may be disappointing people or redirected links may be corrupted. Even if everything works as it should, people may be leaving the checkout page because of the processing speed.


Try to shop from your site like a customer and don’t forget to pay attention to the page speed in this process. It may be useful to reduce the number of pages that appear until the process is completed.

2- Lack of Contact Information
While contact information may seem like a simple point, your potential customers want to know who to reach, how to reach them in any question they encounter in their purchasing experience. On an unreliable website, targeted sales will not occur even if there is a quality design and content.

3- Non-Competitive Prices
The main competition of e-commerce sites is the prices they offer. It sells similar or the same products at a more affordable price each time it wins. Amazon, Trendyol etc. e-commerce sites attract the attention of users with big discounts they provide in certain periods. You try to make the prices as advantageous as possible. If you cannot afford the sale at an affordable price, try to improve the value of your shopping in another area; Free shipping or as a gift next to the order free.

4- Low Quality Product Images and Descriptions
Before the purchase decision, users want to be sure of the product they will receive. Having the photos in every aspect of the products, looking at it soon and specifying all the features of the product are the details that will enable the user to make easy decisions. Try not to leave a question mark about the product in the user’s mind.

5- Caring alone with all jobs
It requires a stable and detailed study of each area from the site design to the photos of the products, the text of the explanations. As dealing with all processes alone will create intensive workloads, there will always be deficiencies. Team up or get support from time to time freelance at the beginning of work, will help you progress more programmatically.

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